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From the CzWA activities

Legislative activities

CzWA finds crucial to keep working contacts with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Thus, CzWA was involved in the preparation of the Water Act and its implementing regulations. Representatives of specialists groups take part in negotiations concerning changes and creation of technical standards and methodologies issued by ministries or the State Environmental Fund.


CzWA was assigned a grant for the project “Further education of employees members of CzWA to support their adaptability” in the framework of the Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme.

Information exchange

Information exchange is carried out especially at the CzWA biennial conferences WATER, following formerly organized conferences WASTE WATER.

Further conferences under the auspices of CzWA are e.g. New Methods and Approaches in the Operation of WWTPs, Sludges and Wastes, Anaerobia, Solutions of Extreme Requirements on Wastewater Treatment or Urban Water. Specialists groups organize a number of their own seminars.

CzWA collaborates also on the preparation of accompanying programmes of international fairs and exhibitions concerning water management.


CzWA is the co-owner and contributor to the journal Water Manage-ment. All CzWA members become also the journal’s subscribers. In its supplement “Listy CzWA” comments on and invitations to important events in the field of water management are publish-ed.

Expert opinions

CzWA members or specialists groups have assessed many significant projects (a.o., also for the State Environmental Fund) of construction or intensification of wastewater treatment plants, such as WWTP in Prague, Tabor, Skalna, Holesov, Novy Malin, Jimlin or Horovice.

Further consulting services provided by CzWA concerned projects like Realisation of measures at the Brno reservoir and Study of drainage relationships in Hradec Kralove. CzWA also wrote a Manual for the selection of optimum technologies for the wastewater treatment in small settlements in the catchment of the Svihov drinking water reservoir.


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